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iSoft Technology

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About iSoft

iSoft Technology is formed by a group of specialists who are experienced in different focus area in the Information Technology Industry.

Over 250 Project Experience

With over 250 study case and project experience in BPR, Automation, Big Data Architecture Design, AI Implementation, System Customization, Customization Development, Network Architecture Design, Online Strategy ... etc. We are confident to provide the suitable advice and service to you.

Speciality Skills

Covered from low level machine code to Network & System  Infrastructure, to Application & Solution and Strategy Design , we have full ranged specialist to help you resolve your pain point and improve your strength.


IT Consultation Services

We will advise on areas we feel should be addressed, from complete transformation of your service delivery model to addressing a specific cost or performance issue, improving IT spend management, or streamlining IT operations.


Business Solutions

Our goal is to ensure our IT solution appropriately integrate into your business strategy. Our Client Engagement Model enables us to tailor our IT services and resource plans to fully match your particular industry.


Development & Customization

We offer professional web application development service, including Customized Web Application Development, Cloud Development, Mobile-Friendly Website Development, Startup Software Development and so on.

Superior Business Solutions Through Client Relationships

Whether your goal is to reduce profit loss, streamline IT processes, or expand your business; our highest priority is your businesses’ success.

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